“Teenage Dream” is featured in the End of Decade lists

Katy Perry’s classic hit Teenage Dream from her second album has been gaining prominence among the music industry’s most relevant websites and magazines.

The 2012 Pop Perfection remembrance song is the best female song of the decade according to the renamed The Times:

Some argue for Firework, others for Roar, but in our book this is Perry’s zenith, an urgent rush of melody, glamour and ricocheting hormones.

The title track was the second single from “Teenage Dream”, and reached number 1 in several countries such as Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand and also topped the Billboard Hot 100.

Billboard also named the song one of the defining songs of the 2010s.

For Paper Magazine, “Teenage Dream” was the prized piece of bubblegum pop history.

Katy Perry cemented her legacy with her album Teenage Dream in 2010, and the title track instantly became a prized piece of bubblegum pop history.

The famous Pitchfork acclaimed the song and listed it as one of the best songs of the 2010s, check out the review:

The track is similarly svelte and irresistible: a sunny, major-key melody that shares a lineage with Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give,” and other pop hits that arrived pre-loaded with nostalgia and widescreen emotions.

ET Canada names “Teenage Dream” as the best song released in this decade, and evinces the importance of Katy Perry for POP.

There’s no denying Katy Perry’s domination of pop music in 2010. Her album Teenage Dream spawned five consecutive No. 1s on the Billboard Hot 100, a world record the ‘California Gurl’ still holds a decade later. As for the self-titled sophomore single? Simply put, it’s pop perfection. Co-written by some of music’s biggest and best producers — Benny Blanco, Max Martin and the now-disgraced Dr. Luke — “Teenage Dream” evokes every emotion wrapped within young love. The Grammy-nominated summer jam went platinum a whopping seven times in the United States, and was the impetus for the breakout moment of Darren Criss’ career.

For iHeartRadio, “Firework” and “California Gurls” defined the year 2010. While in 2011, “Teenage Dream” was the highlight of Katy Perry. All three songs listed defined the decade.

Spotify made a list of the top songs of the decade and among the top 100 songs “Teenage Dream” and other Katy singles appeared.

Apple Music, streaming platform, has also named “Teenage Dream” as one of the best songs released in the last 10 years.

Several other media have named “Teenage Dream” one of the best of the decade. The album, with the same title, was also hailed at the end of the decade, although it had mixed reviews during its release.

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