With a new page on Katy’s site, rumors about the “KP5” gain strength.

Since her last album released in 2017, Witness, Katy has continued to release singles for a year without focusing on outreach work for a new album.

Throughout the year 2019, Perry was quite questioned about his next album and she commented that she was enjoying her current phase, throwing only singles without expectations of numbers.

However, the rumors emerged about a next album and increased even more with the present received by the fans who participated in the “25 Days of Cozy”.

On the plate, the month “February” and the year 2020 were highlighted, along with the names “Love. Light.”, Autographed by Katy herself. The plate in question is present in the “Small Talk” music video.

“Love. Light.” it has been used by Katy since the end of the Witness era and had its biggest highlight in 2019, during the “New Orleans Jazz Fest”.

With all this, the rumors were even stronger with the page “KP5” available on the official website of the singer.

Taking everything into account, we recommend that you review each release single of Katy Perry in february 14 2019. See you soon.

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