Learn how to help “Daisies” on the Billboard Hot 100

The Billboard Hot 100 is the leading chart of songs in the United States, and in the music world. For a song to perform well on the Hot 100 it is necessary to have a good number in sales, streamings and a radio audience.

All this data from streaming, radio play and sales are added together to determine the score of each song in the ranking.

Below we explain how you can help the song perform well on the Billboard Hot 100.

Important: Only sales and streams from the United States are counted! If you are from another country, you can change your device’s IP and create a new account on some platform, selecting the United States as the country, but this is against the Billboard Hot 100 rules.


To detect the number of digital and physical sales, the company has the support of Nielsen Music, a specialist in audience metrics, which has a base that covers 90% of the music market in the United States.

Among the monitored commerce, there are department stores, stores specializing in music and digital stores, which compile both physical and digital sales, with the downloading of music and records.

The main platform for you to buy a digital copy of the song is iTunes. You can also buy from the official Katy Perry website, just click here.


For Hot 100, Billboard uses platform data such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and YouTube, as well as online radios, such as Pandora and Slacker Radio.

Each play of a music on a paid streams (Apple Music platform, for example) account as a full point.

Plataforms with free streams (Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube) are worth 2/3 of a point, while plays on programmed radios (Pandora and Slacker Radio, popular in the United States) count half a point.

See below how to generate streams correctly on YouTube and Spotify:


• Spotify allows up to 10 streams per day, per user. This limitation is valid only for the platforms of the platform itself.
• We recommend that you create more than one account and listen to “Daisies” 10 times in each account.
• If you can, let your dispositive play “Daisies” on Spotify, while you sleep.


• You can generate streams on YouTube as many times as you like.
• You must be logged out of your YouTube account to generate more than one view.
• If you are using a desktop, you must update the page manually.
• Don’t mute the video.


To help request the song on the radios, we have created a list with tweets ready with the major radios of the United States and other countries.

– At the end of the post, we separated some tips for you to request the song in the radios and the request not be considered as SPAM.

Click here to access the exclusive website for you to request “Daisies” on radios from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

You can also send tweets to other radios, as in the example below:

Hello @Power933! Could you play “Hey Hey Hey” by Katy Perry? Thank you.

Check out below some tips on requesting the song on the radios by Twitter:

  1. Change the tweets (of the buttons above), even if it’s a little bit. Equal tweets will be marked as spam and the song may be blacklisted.
  2. Always be polite when requesting the song (please and thank you).
  3. If the music is playing on some radio, tune in and send a screenshot with a thank you message to the DJ or Radio. This will make the radio interested in playing the song more often.
  4. Follow our Twitter account (@KPOnRadio) and activate our notifications to always know when to order the song on the radio.

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