Katy Perry has invested more than $1 BILLION, according to the Money UK.

On the 29th of March, the Money UK published an article with an index of the celebrities who invested the most in companies from different areas.

As expected, Katy was one of the highlights of this research. Perry appears as the 9th most successful investing celebrity, in addition to being the youngest among the top 10.

It is estimated that Perry has already invested more than 1 BILLION dollars in four different companies, being the 3rd celebrity that invests the most.

Estimated Amount Invested:
1. Ashton Kutcher — 3.1B
2. Nasir Jones — 1.4B
3. Katy Perry — 1.06B
4. Jared Leto — 1.02B
5. Jay-Z — 983M

Therefore, Katy leads the rank with the highest average investment. There are about 265 million dollars invested in four companies.

All information is from the Money UK website.
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